Christian Education

The Local Church

  1. There shall be a Director of Christian Education who shall be nominated by the pastor and confirmed by the Quarterly Conference. He or she shall be a member of the AME Church.
  2. The Director of Christian Education in the local church shall have the direction and supervision of all religious and educational interests of the local church, subject to the approval of the pastor and the local Board of Christian Education. The Director of Christian Education shall work under the direction of the pastor and the Quarterly Conference.

The Department of Christian Education for the African Methodist Episcopal Church nurtures the teaching ministry of our Zion providing information, insight and inspiration. It coordinates the various teaching programs of the connectional and church organizations at many levels into a symphony of harmonious learning about Christian witness and service.

In short, the Department fosters faith and spiritual formation leading to committed lives of Christian service.

The Department engenders resource development through the production of church school literature and other writing projects. In a joint departmental effort, the Writers’ Guild develops church school curricula and the Sunday School Union produces and disseminates church school literature. Lessons are written based on Committee on Uniform Series outlines. .

The Department supports constituent ministries;

  • Women's Missionary Society
  • Young People's Department
  • Sons of Allen
  • Lay Department
  • Church School

In summary, the Christian Education Department provides support for all ministries of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.